If you can help with any task, as a one off or on a regular basis, please contact a leader.


Frequency Task
Weekly Empty rubbish bins
Weekly Vacuum corridor
Weekly Sweep & Mop Main hall floor
Weekly Sweep & Mop - Corridor to Kitchen, Kitchen, Both Toilets
Weekly Wipe work surfaces & tiles in Kitchen
Weekly Clean Kitchen & Toilet Sinks
Weekly Clean Toilets
Every 2 Weeks Clean Mirrors
Monthly Dust Corridor, Kitchen, Toilet & Main Hall
Monthly Clean Windows
Monthly Clean Fridge
Monthly Clean Cooker


Frequency Task
Weekly Sweep entrance to hut
Weekly Pick up any litter and broken glass in the car park area
and around the hut
Every 2 weeks Cut the grass around the hut
Monthly Sweep up leaves around hut
Monthly Cut back brambles and weeds around hut and retaining wall
Monthly Wash Windows and frames