We advise you read our hire terms before booking our minibus.

  1. All bookings are subject to a deposit which is payable in advance. Your booking cannot be confirmed until this deposit has been paid in full. A deposit cheque (payable to “1st Gossoms End Scout Group”) of £250 is required. This amount is equal to our insurance excess and will be withheld in the event of a claim. No deposit = no bus. Your deposit will be returned to you upon a satisfactory inspection of the minibus.
  2. The balance, in full, must be received by the time of collection. If you wish to pay the balance by cheque, please ensure the full payment has cleared prior to collection.
  3. All cancellations must be made at least 30 days prior to the start of use, or you may lose your deposit.
  4. All bookings for key and popular busy dates such as school Easter and summer holidays, Christmas, New Years day require a 60 days cancellation notice. Failure to do so may result in the full cost of the booking being charged.
  5. Priority booking is given to 1st Gossoms End Scout Group for key dates and popular busy dates such as school Easter and summer holidays, Christmas and New Years day.
  6. 1st Gossoms End Scout Group will not be held responsible for financial or personal loss in the event of mechanical failure. We strive to ensure that our minibus is serviced to the manufacturers specifications but cannot be held accountable should the vehicle develop a fault while carrying passengers. In the event of a breakdown, 1st Gossoms End Scout Group is under no obligation to pay for alternative travel arrangements.
  7. You must not let anyone work on the vehicle without our permission. If we do give you permission, we will only give you a refund if you have a valid receipt for the work.
  8. Use of prohibited substances in our minibus is banned at all times. We reserve the right to cancel the hire with immediate effect and eject all passengers. We will not be held accountable for any resulting travel costs.
  9. Our Minibus operates a strict no smoking policy by law.
  10. Any damage caused to the interior of the minibus by the occupants shall be the sole responsibility of the hirer. Any costs associated with repairs must be paid in the time frame agreed upon with 1st Gossoms End Scout Group. An additional daily charge can be imposed should the vehicle be taken out of commission.
  11. Engine damage resulting from the wrong type of fuel being used while on hire will be the responsibility of the hirer, who will have to pay the full repair costs.
  12. Food & Drink - No greasy foods (pizzas, kebabs, chicken, burgers, chips, fizzy drinks etc) are to be consumed on the minibus at any time. 1st Gossoms End Scout Group reserves the right to impose a valet charge of no less than £100 for cleaning of the minibus should any passengers damage it through deliberate misuse or illness. The hirer agrees to pay for all costs associated with returning the vehicle to an acceptable standard should they be responsible for causing the damage.
  13. Any parking/speeding, traffic violations or congestion charges are the sole liability of the hirer or driver at the time of offence (a diary is provided to record who is driving and when). 1st Gossoms End Scout Group will pass all information of our hirers on to the relevant authorities for them to collect fees or fines.
  14. If any key is lost whilst the minibus is on hire, 1st Gossoms End Scout Group will do all they can to provide a replacement, but, the cost of replacing the lost key will be taken from the hirer’s deposit.
  15. We operate a “Full to Full” policy. The minibus will be supplied to you with a full tank of diesel, and should be returned full. Any shortfall will be made up out of your deposit and the remainder will be returned to you. There is a Shell garage just along the high street from our Scout hall and we suggest you fill up there on your return.
  16. All drivers will need to be aged between 25 and 70, hold a valid drivers licence with D1 entitlement (with a maximum of 3 points), must have passed the Hertfordshire minibus driving assessment and hold a valid permit.
  17. All organisations that borrow our minibus will need their own Section 19 minibus permit, if passengers contribute in any way toward the running expenses of the minibus. They must use the minibus under their own Section 19 permit, which they must display. If they cannot meet the conditions for a Section 19 permit, they will need a full PSV Operators License.
  18. Our trailer will only be hired to drivers with relevant towing experience and the appropriate licence (B1 or D1 + E).


    Obtaining Permits

    There are three methods for obtaining a Section 19 Permit: from the local authority; from a designated body or from VOSA on behalf of the Traffic Commissioner.

    The County Council issues permits but only for vehicles owned by the County Council, LEA Schools and Youth Organisations who can prove they are affiliated to Herts County Council. Permits can be obtained from Passenger Transport Unit, Environment Department, County Hall - 01992 588624.

    Designated bodies are in general the national governing body of the organisations concerned. For example, the Scouts Association, the National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations & the Community Transport Association can issue permits to their affiliated groups.

    The Traffic Commissioner can issue permits to anybody concerned with education, religion, social welfare, recreation or other activities of benefit to the community. Hertfordshire falls within the jurisdiction of the Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA)