This is a private twitter feed so that information about our activities can be tweeted for our members only. Followers must be approved by an admin.

If you have a twitter account search for GossomsEndScout and request to be added.

This feed has been set up for reminders for our Thursday program and other Scout events, updates from camp and eta for returning from camps.

One nice feature of Twitter is that it is possible to turn on txt updates in your profile and receive a txt message every time we tweet so you don't have to go online to check all the time.

So when we're travelling abroad or coming back from sailing, a camp or running late on a Thursday when we are away from the hut we can txt an update to twitter 'We've arrived ok' or 'Will be back at the hut at 4pm' and any parents that have enabled txt updates will automatically get this message on their mobile.


If you are new to Twitter here are some tips for you.

After going to and creating an account you now have the option of only allowing people you approve to follow you and see your tweets. To enable this go to the settings in your twitter account and look for and tick the box for . Now only people you approve to follow you and can see your tweets.

Now go to the Mobile tab and you can choose what times of day you want to receive txt updates on your mobile.

Now go to the list of people you're following and find GossomsEndScout. Click on the options icon (it's the last one on the right) and select 'Turn on Mobile notifications' After the camp you may want to turn this off especially if you child is not going on the next camp.

It is possible to reply to tweets IF both parties follow each other but we ask that these are kept to a minimum as it will cost us 50p each time we get a txt notification while we are abroad and could easily add up to small fortune if there is a lot of chatter.

We do get some requests from usernames we don't know so if you've chosen a username that doesn't include your name please drop me a email telling me what your Twitter username is so we know who it is and approve it.

This site explains how it works quite well but if anyone needs help let me know and I'll show you how to set it up.