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Camp@Home Badges and Clothing

One stop scouting have released a range of clothing and badges for the Camp@Home initiative, which can be found here

Updates from Hertfordshire Scouts

Thank you so much to all who managed to log in to our second All Hertfordshire Leaders Webinar on 28 July. It was great to have you on board Team Hertfordshire.

For those of you that couldn't join us, want to watch the meeting all over again or want a copy of the meeting summary please use the links below.

Feedback before and during the webinar highlighted that a lot of you were asking for extra guidance around completing Risk Assessments for returning to Scouting Safely. As a result we are putting together some online training sessions, more details can be found further on in this newsletter.

Thank you for all you are doing and please keep the feedback coming in. If you have any queries don’t forget you can contact the County Support Centre by phone, email or by using our new 'HELP' button below!

Resources from HQ

The Scouts have put out some useful resources that can help you towards getting back to face to face Scouting, including:

  • Guidance for Leaders - Developing your risk assessments for face to face activity. With an editable word version of the COVID risk assessment template.
  • Click Here

  • Guidance for speaking with parents, carers and young people. With template letters about your plans to re-start.
  • Click Here

Capital Appeal

The Lottery consistently makes around £200 a week for Hertfordshire Scouts, but could raise a lot more with your support! Please do your part and join, it costs only £1.00 a week, £52.00 a year. Your Group could directly benefit from it.

More info

History and Heritage

The latest issue of Heritage Thoughts for the Month, by Frank Brittain (Hertfordshire Scouts Archivist & Historian) can be found, along with previous issues, on the website.

View Here

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Training and Guidance

As a result of feedback before and during the webinar, we are looking to host some sessions in mid August to help leaders to complete the necessary risk assessments for Getting Back to Scouting Safely.

We will look at different areas or types of risk assessment, what should and shouldn't be included in them. We will cover Property specific RA's, Venue specific RA's and Activity specific RA's all in relation to the Covid-19 requirements.

We will also be discussing and offering advice surrounding what extra measures you may need to put in place as a result of the Covid-19 requirements.

Finally we will have an open Q&A session where you can ask specific questions about your own RA's and share your thoughts with the other participants.

Please complete the form available at the following link to let us know if you would like to attend these sessions and what areas you would like us to focus on.

Click Here

Once we have an idea of the demand for these sessions, we will advertise how you can book on to them.

Updates from the Scout Association

Scouts and COVID-19: How we're facing challenging times together.

These are extraordinary times for both the country and the Scout movement. Following our all-members' call on 29 April, Chief Executive Matt Hyde and UK Chief Commissioner Tim Kidd reflect openly and honestly on some of the major challenges we're currently facing and how we're addressing these together.

In their blog, Matt and Tim discuss these increased pressures, locally and nationally, and the actions we're taking to alleviate these. In particular, they look at why we need to prioritise support for Scouts in communities most affected.

It's at times like these when our great Scout spirit of courage and kindness matters most, as well as our practicality and realism. We're confronting these challenges in a spirit of transparency, collaboration and empathy, taking decisions for the long-term benefit of the movement, guided by our values for the good of Scouts as a whole and for the good of our young people. These are tough times, and Scouts is needed now more than ever.

Safety First.

While we may not be meeting face-to-face at the moment, we’re still making the safety of all young people and members our number one priority. We’ve been constantly reviewing and updating our safety resources to make them more accessible. You can make sure you’re up to date with the latest resources by viewing them here.

How young people can stay connected, safely

Keeping young people and volunteers safe is the number one concern for all of us at Scouts. That’s why we all need to continue to follow the Code of Behaviour set out in the Yellow Card when connecting with young people online.

Online as much as in the real world, a young person should never be in a one-to-one situation with an adult. For more information, including safeguarding measures relating to different online activities, take a look at our guidance about staying safe online.

There are various platforms you can use to communicate with young people and families online. They’re all slightly different with different features, and most importantly, different levels of security and privacy. Be sure to check the minimum age requirements.

Any leader or committee member can utilise Google Meet with their G-Suite login, which is compliant with all the guidelines.

How to deliver a flexible programme during COVID-19

To help you decide on any programme changes so that young people can keep learning and stay safe, we’ve developed some new guidance. Take a look here for details about nights away at home, badges, the Duke of Edinburgh's award, Top Awards and more...

An update on disclosures during the coronavirus situation

Scouts have stopped processing disclosures at this time because it’s difficult to effectively do identity checks. They’re also following the advice of the disclosure bodies who are understandably prioritising people directly dealing with the coronavirus situation, who need disclosures more urgently.

No-one will be suspended because they don’t have a valid disclosure during the coronavirus situation. Current volunteers whose disclosures expire can continue to meet digitally, following the advice and guidance issued on holding virtual meetings to make sure we keep everyone safe.

Current volunteers who require a re-check will be given a 90-day extension from when the suspension on face-to-face Scout meetings ends to get a valid disclosure. They’ll still be able to take part in face-to-face Scout activities during this extension period.

Please don’t send out 90/60/30 days reminders until the suspension on face-to-face Scout meetings ends. However, keeping everyone safe is obviously a priority, so volunteers who do need new disclosures should try to get these as soon as possible once things are back and running. Thanks for your support during this challenging time.

How Scouts can support local communities

Throughout our history, Scouts have helped other people and supported their communities in times of crisis. Find out how you can play your part by supporting young people and the community during the coronavirus crisis.

How your young people can help

When we asked our young people what the most important thing for them to take action on was over the next two weeks, ‘peer support’ ranked top of the list. That’s why we’re asking young people to share Three for 3 – three things they’re doing to look after their mental wellbeing, sharing their ideas with three other people. Please encourage your young people to get involved here.

Headquarters' support during the coronavirus crisis

Like many charities and organisations during this challenging time, a significant number of our staff are being furloughed. You can find an update on how this affects our services on this page. It might take us a little longer to respond to your queries, so thanks in advance for your patience.